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A busy time ahead

With the daylight elongating the days, we are part way through our summer term. We have plenty to look forward to........


Italian Food & Film event

Come and join us at our Italian food and film event on 11th May, when we will be showing the beautiful film, Il Postino, serving breakfast before the

film and lunch during the interval.

Italian Boardgames evening

On the evening of 14th June we have an Italian board games evening at Teffont Village Hall. An evening for Italophiles to get together, speak some Italian, learn some new vocabulary and enjoy themselves. Bring something for the bring and share buffet, listen to some Italian music and have some fun.


Italia at Home students' end of term picnic

On 14th July is the annual Italia at Home, end of term picnic. A chance for current students to meet each other, test themselves with an Italy based quiz and eat some delicious Italian dessert.

Just bring you deckchairs, a picnic and your quizzing brains.


Complete beginners' intensive week-long holiday-Italian course

Our annual week-long complete beginners intensive course starts the first week of August so take a look at what is on offer and get ready for your Italy trip in style.

Summer break workshops - August

Come and spend a day on a topic-based workshop. Over three weeks there will the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops; some grammar based and some culture based. There are three levels to choose from; improvers, intermediate and advanced.

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