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Italia at home is always trying to improve our curriculum and meet the needs of our growing community. Student feedback is a vital part of this process, and we’re proud to share the reviews we’ve received over the years. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.


Thank you for organising the workshop. I really enjoyed it even though it was quite challenging for me. I loved the film and was very pleased at how much, with the aid of the subtitles, I was able to understand. 
Lovely group and delicious lunch too! 
Mille grazie


I really enjoyed yesterday and felt highly motivated to focus for longer periods on one aspect. This was because the varied activities you gave us reinforced the grammar and vocabulary we were learning, in an interesting way.  The day progressed in such a way that we were all able to use the knowledge gained to write a short description of our family.  We were active learners throughout,  gaining confidence as we pulled together our understanding. Durning the intensive day yesterday and the weekly lessons I appreciate your teaching methods which make the learning fun, stimulating, and ultimately more memorable. Thank you too for the TV programme tips - every exposure helps to tune our ears to Italian.


It was fun, informative and well planned.  I feel that I came away with a good understanding of the lesson set and a foundation created for me to carry on learning.  I can’t wait until the classes start again in September.


Hi Jo

Saturday was great. Was flabbergasted by the number of people. Well done you.

Buona Pasqua


Liz & Nick

Ciao Jo
Grazie Mille per la giornata del cinema, sabato. Il film era favoloso e il cibo buonissimo. Grazie Jo, sappiamo che c'era molto da organizzare! Buona Pasqua
Liz and Nick x


Grazie for arranging a fun day – such a good film and delicious lunch!


Ciao Jo!

Che bella giornata, Mi è piaciuta molto. Grazie.

Per la prossima volta……La Vita è Bella?

Auguri, Kate 


Hi Jo

It was a lovely day and very well run event. You must be absolutely shattered! But I'm guessing you're happy with the turnout? It looked like a very full house and everyone we spoke to seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

My husband is the tall guy who approached you at the end of the movie to say "La Dolce Vita" for next time :) It's one of his favourite movies.


A very big thank you for arranging such a great film day, I loved the film and even understood a few words!
The food, coffee and company were all excellent, 
See you for the new term

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