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The beach in Santa Maria di Castellabate, student holiday 2018

Online lessons

Learning from home, wherever you are

Joining a class from home is a great way of learning, regardless of where you are in the country, or even the world!

Italia at Home students buying produce in San Marco di Castellabate 2018

In person lessons

Growing Together

Classes range from Complete beginners to Intermediate/Advanced level. Through these course, students have the opportunity to start their Italian language journey and then go on to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun and friendly way.


Private lessons

Dive Right In

Our private lessons put you, the student, in the driving seat. Lessons are tailored to your learning needs, based on your current knowledge level (or none), your learning style and what you would like to achieve.


Complete Beginners summer holiday-ready intensive Italian course

Hands-on holiday- Italian course in the heart of rural Dorset

A one-week course, run over five mornings offering 20 hours of Italian tuition for beginners

Ruined Ancient Architecture

Summer Italian one-day workshops

Consolidating learning and learning something new

A choice of six one-day workshops, during August, based on the Italian language, grammar, culture and history. The workshops will be in person and will be held in North Dorset. 

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